Headhunted by a leading London ad agency in the 90s to work on projects for household name clients, being a copywriter taught me to write to a deadline in styles matching client needs rather than my own preferences. It was invaluable experience, and in subsequent years as a freelancer I have worked on everything from brochures and websites to conference speeches and promotional videos, for corporate clients of all sizes, along with start-ups and charities.

Moving to Nottingham, I became active as a scriptwriter. My first play became the basis of my first film treatment, which won a Times competition and secured me a meeting with Tim Bevan, producer of hits including Four Weddings And A Funeral. That helped open the door to TV work with the BBC, and commissions from filmmakers and production companies.

Film continues to be an interest – I’ve written acclaimed short films, such as White Lily, which has won awards, can be seen on Amazon Prime and has over a million YouTube views. I’m developing features that are getting industry attention too. I’ve also scripted comics, and created projects for digital media. My interest in live work continues, with plays appearing in mainstream venues, as well as being used in training events and at schools. I've also done talks at arts events.


"Adrian is a writer who always startles with the boldness of his ideas, and impresses with the depth of his humanity.” Philip Palmer, writer and producer, www.philippalmer.net.

“Adrian is one of the best communicators that I know. He is able to deliver any message in ways that truly engage, whoever the audience. The output of his work is uncontrived, very special and appears effortless. Adrian's thinking is appropriately revolutionary for the revolutionary times in which we find ourselves.” Martin Knox, consultant, www.mknox.co.uk.

"Wow, what a great experience we have had with Adrian - understood our brief, our brand and ethos. So happy we found him." Oliver Walton, Fix8films.

“Acting with Adrian's scripts is a joy. He has an amazing imagination filled with unique stories and images, and has a wonderful way of setting those brilliant ideas to words that feels organic to the actor playing the part.” Siddhii Lagrutta, actress and singer, www.siddhiilagrutta.com.

“The script from Adrian Reynolds is nicely formed, and dialogue seems natural and lean…What I liked about this film the most was that unlike a lot of indie movies, I didn’t have to guess anything. There’s no clever tricks where I had to discover a mystery later than the characters – there’s no grand reveal. Instead, the viewer learns with the characters, making this a cool and emotional watch. The story sticks and grows after viewing, which is after all, the greatest achievement when making a film.” Review of It Is What It Is, directed by Michael Stevantoni.