Often, my creativity takes the form of SCRIPTWRITING. I’ve written for TV, scripted acclaimed short films, am making progress with features, and write comics too. Plus, I’ve done work for theatre - sometimes for its own sake and also for use in training and education - and done talks at arts festivals.

I started out as a COPYWRITER, and was headhunted to join a leading London agency in the 90s with big name clients. My output covers corporate video, websites, brochures, conference speeches, ads, and more.

Learning about creativity took me to PSYCHOLOGY. I’ve been mentored by the smartest trainers in the field, who have explored language and perception deeply, and work with body as well as mind. I’ve also studied attention in different ways, eg through learning several kinds of meditation.

I worked with homeless people who have MENTAL HEALTH problems for four years, following mental health issues of my own. As a support worker in a hostel, I learned a lot about how the system functions, and why it often fails those it is intended to help.

All of this comes together in the work I do as a TRAINER and COACH. I run workshops on subjects as specific as copywriting, and as broad as innovation. And I support people to make better choices about what’s important to them using tools I’ve acquired over the decades.

My base is in NOTTINGHAM, and I work with people around the UK and internationally.