What do you want to get away from? Your job? A habit? Whatever you suppose your limitations are? I've supported people to break free of old patterns and into being truly fulfilled by doing what really matters.

If you don't act intentionally about escaping whatever holds you back, you'll either face increasing misery as you kid yourself that you've got what you want, or something in you will create a crisis. I went the crisis route, and helter-skeltered into a mental hospital.

Before that I'd been headhunted by a top London ad agency, and was scripting TV drama for the BBC. Simultaneously I trained with some of the world's leading names in personal development, and made an impression through doing what other people weren't that got me invited to see what happens behind closed doors. I didn't meet happy people the other side.

At heart, something wasn't working. I couldn't make sense of it, but sense was what I needed to escape to come to my senses. I don't recommend psychotic episodes as a learning method, though mine brought a clarity to life I've enjoyed pretty much ever since.

Following that escapade, I worked with homeless people with mental health and substance issues for a few years. Clients like that are brilliant because they have no reason to be polite or go along with approaches that aren't working - their needs are urgent, their life situation is intense, and you might get a knife pulled on you if the session's not going well. A world away from the neatly manicured professional clients many coaches and therapists like to work with.

Getting results with people like those renewed a desire to make my own dreams come true. That's looking good - I'm working with super-interesting clients to open up new areas of their personal and business lives, at the same time getting attention from big names in tv and film for projects I'm developing. And if and when that's something to escape, I know I've got the tools. They're at your disposal, too. Just ask.