A lot of workshops amount to someone talking an audience through their PowerPoint presentation. Or maybe there’s a bit of rah-rah to get people excited as they listen to the person at the front of the room tell people how great they are.

That’s not how I do things.

What matters to me in designing a training is that people will be able to engage with what they do more effectively as a result of what we get up to in our time together. If there isn’t a difference, then what you’ve experienced isn’t training. It's that simple.

I train people how to achieve results in areas where most people flounder and resort to theory. When I’m presenting sessions about copywriting, scriptwriting, or innovation and creativity, what you’re experiencing is the distillation of decades of experience.

My skills have been enhanced further through training with innovators in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). No, not the jokers who’ll get you to firewalk (a skill I've yet to come across a real world use for), or hype audiences up with no effect on their capabilities. I’ve been using NLP for nearly 30 years, mentored and coached by people like Michael Breen and Eric Robbie, who were already successful in their own right when they came across it, as a business consultant and magazine editor/journalist respectively. Michael and Eric trained alongside NLP’s co-creator Richard Bandler for years, their contributions adding considerably to the field.

I’ve run events for clients including NHS Milton Keynes & NHS Northamptonshire PCT Cluster, Next Business Generation, Screen East, Nottingham Playhouse, and Nottingham Writers Studio.


"I’ve known very few people be able to carry off a training on creativity with aplomb. Not only did you achieve that but I feel well armed with some useful creativity tools that I will use in the future, both personally and in my work. So a big thank you. I feel inspired.” Simon Mills, Head of Business, Hailsham Community College.

"Adrian's screenwriting course was a game-changer for me. The course gave me the confidence to apply for the screenwriting positions I really wanted and get them! He had some great advice on characterisation, the way he edited our course scripts gave me an insight into how to really tighten up and improve my writing, but perhaps most valuable of all Adrian worked with an actors’ workshop and a TV production company to show us the transition from script to screen. A great teacher and script editor. I'm currently working on two feature film commissions and recently joined the writing team for an established sitcom." Sara Bodinar, writer,

“Adrian has a unique ability to deliver content and engage an audience. I felt Adrian's copywriting workshop was the perfect balance of content and creativity. I found his practical implementation very helpful in the learning process. I would recommend the course to others.” Natalie Edwards, Founder and CEO,

"Adrian's workshop helped me think of stories from new and different angles. Stories make up everything and this workshop has helped in all marketing and sales copy and talks since. Also, it was great fun - definitely recommended." Marvin Rounce, CEO,