I've been involved in many creative projects over the years. Some of them - theatre productions for instance - aren't documented with digital in mind, others belong to organisations such as the BBC, or are still on their way to engaging with audiences. There are a few I can include here...


Together with Andy Tudor and Gael McLaughlin I am a founder of Storia-Creative. We develop work for different media. Two of our animated series concepts in particular are getting attention.

Lumi, Guardian of the Greatwilds

Lumi, Guardian of the Greatwilds




I was invited by Makeda McMillan of smallgreenshoots to develop a project about creativity and confidence building as well as writing. What emerged was a collaboration with Clare Washbrook, around the theme of monsters, arising from the example of Mary Shelley, who grew up in the same area of North London that the young adults we worked with are living. Video by Yovan Chamroo. Thanks to Libby Liburd, who brought Shelley back to life for the group.


A play. In this 2018 version it's an audio piece just under 37 minutes long. Greg is played by Mark Tunstall, Jill by Michelle Darkin Price. The recording was produced by Andy Proctor, and Darren Bourne did sound design. Some obscene language is used. Thanks to Jason Loftus of NG-Digital.

Rewind to 1997, and the play was first performed at Nottingham Playhouse. They'd asked me to write it, and I was very pleased when it attracted a larger audience than their main stage production at the time. Since then it's had several incarnations, but there was a real power to that version. It featured Johnny Lynch and Dee Whitehead, and was directed by Cris Green. The other notable production was with David McCaffrey and Louise Hooper, for a one week run at the Hen & Chickens in London directed by Iain McDonald. That incarnation was different from the original, but just as strong in its distinct way. 



A talk from 2014. It was written for an event I put on to help promote Cosmic Trigger, a play Daisy Campbell had written based on the autobiography of that name by Robert Anton Wilson. I performed it at the Find The Others event in Liverpool in November that year when the play was premiered. And one of the other readings happened when I was asked to do it before a production of 1984 at Nottingham Playhouse by the theatre's creative director Giles Croft. Thanks to James Walker, who commissioned this video as part of the supporting material for Dawn of the Unread, an online graphic novel anthology I was involved in editing that won the 2015 Guardian Award for Teaching Excellence. Video editing by Will Price.


Short film, around 12 minutes. Won 5 awards at Focus International Film Festival 2016, including Best Film. Directed by Tristan Ofield, featuring Siddhii Lagrutta and David McCaffrey. Now available to watch for free on Amazon Prime, and more than a million YouTube views.


Online comic, though currently not online. Nearing completion, at around 140 pages, print edition to follow later 2019. Line art by Raben White, colour art by Jess Parry.



A collaboration with choreographer Keisha Grant of Keneish Dance. The challenge here was exploring story elements with Keisha in ways that would benefit her concepts but without going into narrative structure, character arcs, etc - far more interesting to enter her world than expect her to enter mine. I was really taken with the show, and especially my suggestion to distort some of the voices in the soundtrack so they couldn't actually be understood. The distortion removed any trace of the text I'd written - and created instead an emotional texture that worked for the benefit of the piece.



A monthly collaboration with my artist friend Corrina Rothwell for Leftlion magazine. Short films of some Blather pieces are in development.