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We're born with an ability to compel people to pay attention to us - babies do it without even being able to talk. Somewhere along the line, for many of us, that ability dwindles.

It doesn't have to be like that. There are straightforward ways of engaging with others that don't require fancy tricks or taking weird beliefs on board. Just do what you do already a bit differently, and you'll find you have the makings of leadership ability, and that people are happy to listen to what you want to talk about - invaluable in pitches, presentations, and negotiations.

Oh, and whatever you think confidence is...prepare to experience it in a new way, and realise how it relates with the charisma we identify in our favourite performers.

“Adrian has a unique ability to deliver content and engage an audience.” Natalie Edwards,

“I’m quite confident in most social situations and never think about my age. However, after beginning again at university I felt like a rat crawling around the bowels of the building. I was truly amazed when Adrian showed me what it was like to be without my anxiety. What’s more, the feeling of confidence was still there the next morning, when I returned to uni and even now, two years later.” Jai Gilchrist, artist.

There are two other events in this series - Language & Persuasion on Oct 20, and Creativity & Innovation on Nov 10. A discount is available for buying a ticket for all 3.

The workshop takes place in a central Nottingham venue, and seats are limited - details and tickets here.


Earlier Event: November 21
Later Event: February 2