A lot of people recognise while they're involved in a pitch, presentation, or negotiation that their attempt to persuade isn't going very well. Not nearly as many know how to take control of that situation and do something more effective.

Choose the words you use with precision, in text or out loud, and you can become a lot more capable at achieving your goal in a communication. Plus, it's more fun, too.

There's an abundance of information out there about how to talk, text, and tantalise - we'll use that knowledge to explore some of what you can do to sharpen your skills as a communicator. Which starts with opening your eyes and ears as opportunities unfold around you.

This is a practical event, and you'll get to check out tried-and-tested ideas that can change the way you engage with words and the people who use them. Don't worry though, this is a roleplay-free training.

"Adrian's workshop helped me think of stories from new and different angles. Stories make up everything and this workshop has helped in all marketing and sales copy and talks since. Also, it was great fun - definitely recommended." Marvin Rounce, CEO, www.intouchapp.co.uk

There are two other events in this series - Creativity & Innovation on Nov 10, and Confidence & Charisma on Dec 8. A discount is available for buying a ticket for all 3.

The workshop takes place in a central Nottingham venue, and seats are limited - details and tickets here.