You may be interested in a graphic novel I have coming out soon. It's called Dadtown, and it's a project that’s been bubbling up for some time now with amazing artists Raben White (linework) and Jess Parry (colours).

We discovered at a comic convention the quickest way to get across Dadtown is with the phrase “Toddlers with shotguns!”. That element of high-octane weird mayhem comes from being exposed to the shock of 2000AD at the right age, just as it was launched. It’s a story about family messed-up to Greek tragedy levels; whether a clone has an identity beyond the person they’ve duplicated; and how the human inhabitants of an alien world can get beyond colonial thinking. Peek closer and you’ll see environmental and mythic themes too – it all comes together on the subject of monsters...

Creating Dadtown was a joy. Sessions with Raben and Jess remain a model of how collaboration can at its best be an art form in itself. I had a reasonable map of how the story worked overall, and each chunk was shaped by hilarious get-togethers when we knew we were on the track of the next piece as we hit a deep and dark vein of “the right kind of wrong”.

People who’ve been along for the ride when we were online say things like Leonardo Faierman: "…finally got around to reading the comic and it's fucking splendid. Weird, gross and wonderful. Awesome work!". Pippa Howarth: "…the story is really engrossing so far and as for the art, it is brilliant. So far it reminds me a little of the series Saga." Along the way we got a deal with Canadian publisher Underbelly, who were good people but sadly went belly-up. That took the wind out of our sails, but we’re now back with a complete collection, and have put time into edits to give the whole extra zing and cohesion.

The story is around 150 pages long. It's finished. And we're asking people to help pay for a limited edition print run that will launch at Nottingham Comic Convention on Saturday October 19th. You can secure a copy for £15, plus £3 p&p (UK only at this point). You'll receive your copy in October. Paypal.