Today has been blissful. I've walked to a shop I don't visit near enough, and bought various vegetables there including celeriac, which got me excited about a dish that I plan to serve a visitor in the next few days. And rather than do my thing of working towards the next milestone, I just enjoyed doing nothing in particular. 

For the last couple of weeks I've either been doing things to reach deadlines for projects I'm already working on, or starting to prepare for new escapades. Not much wiggle room in there for departing from a bunch of habits that I've mistaken for myself.

That's not true of course. But it's a convenient fiction. Whatever you're caught up in, somewhere in there you'll find an escape hatch, pause button, or other convenient metaphor - as long as you allow yourself to notice it.

And that's what happened, as I was drinking a coffee and into the shop walked a friend I hadn't seen for quite a while. Actually, it wasn't Kestrel I noticed - it was her greyhound I spotted first, before seeing who was attached to it. We talked, and kept talking, about a whole bunch of cool stuff, and it was an absolute pleasure to hear stories that captured my attention for many many reasons.

Best of all, Kestrel told me about how Bugs Bunny saved the life of the man who voiced the rabbit. And confirmed for me that whoever selected Bugs to be a Discordian Saint was even wiser than they or I imagined. (Brief rundown on Discordianism: it's an ancient religion disguised as a joke, or possibly vice versa, devoted to the worship - or at very least grudging acknowledgement - of Eris, the Goddess of Chaos known to the Romans as Discordia.)

Anyway. The guy who voiced Bugs Bunny in all those cartoons was Mel Blanc, who did the voices for many more animated characters too. And in 1961, Mel had a car accident which led to him being in a coma. Two weeks later, he was still in it. And wondering what else they could possibly do, a neurologist approached his patient and asked "Bugs Bunny, how are you doing today?".

It took a while for the voice actor to respond. But he did - and in the characteristic if subdued tones of that gloriously pesky rabbit, answered "Myeeeh. What's up doc?"

Mel was absent from himself.

But Bugs was there to receive visitors.

As Mel's doctor later said, on an episode of This Is Your Life devoted to the performer, "It seemed like Bugs was trying to save his life."

Which makes as much sense as anything, if sense is a criterion that concerns you.

What I know is that I just spent a couple of weeks getting by largely on automatic, because there are times that seems like a sensible response to what's happening (there's that 'sense' thing again - I'm learning to be wary of it). And -

An instant away -

A greyhound away -

A friend away -

There is a livelier, lovelier, wilder world waiting to be explored.

Hail Eris XX xxx