The results you’re getting in life at the moment are the consequence of many factors, from parenting to the way you breathe.  To achieve different outcomes, it can help to find someone who can work with who and how you are, to shift you towards what you’d like instead.

Really, there are two reasons to ask someone to work with you as a coach. Either there’s something you want to do less of in life – such as smoking or feeling guilt. Or there are things you want more of, whether that means achieving goals, or experiencing life in a different way – with curiosity and enthusiasm for instance.

I’ve achieved results in both contexts, eg assisting people with drug habits and other damaging behaviours. And I’ve supported people to approach what they do and how they do it in more empowering and rewarding ways. In either case, come to me, and look forward to an enjoyable and creative experience that will create new options, professionally and personally.

I have years of experience working with tough clients – people with troubled personal histories leading chaotic lives, living in hostels and experiencing mental health or substance issues. They’re exactly the kind of clients that many coaches would do anything to avoid, and knowing I can get results with them gives me added confidence about my ability to support high-functioning professionals.

My approach is shaped by extensive training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), together with an eclectic experience of meditation and other ‘spiritual’ tools, plus involvement in creative projects covering many disciplines.


Before we commit to working together, let's talk. While I work well with many people, I may not be to your taste. Similarly, if I sense that you'd be best served by someone else, I'll let you know.

I charge £100 for a session of 1 hour, and £500 for a series of 6 sessions.

I can work in person or using Skype.


"Adrian Reynolds treats NLP the same way he treats everything else - with creativity. And disciplined creativity at that. The result is, you look at stuff you knew, or thought you knew, with smiling fresh eyes." Eric Robbie, NLP developer and one of the first three NLP Master Trainers.

“I met Adrian three years ago. He introduced me to a creative goal setting process that helped me clarify several important future plans. This process was a key factor in my decision to sell my business. It also prompted me to set a goal of increasing my income by £15,000 within two years which I achieved.” Sarah McNicol, coach and entrepreneur.

“Now, I think that I am good at thinking…but Adrian thinks differently. I think about problems; Adrian thinks above them…and just when you think that you’ve got the hang of that he raises the bar a notch. Continually challenging, continually moving forward. He’s helped me more times than I can easily remember; from a personal and business perspective. If you are going to use NLP for anything, then seek guidance from someone who knows not only what they are doing, but how they are doing it! Get somebody with the right ‘tools’ to help you do whatever it is that you do, only better. Get Adrian.” David Ashworth, MD,

“I always regarded myself, as do most who know me, as a fairly together, level headed person. However, after a very gentle session with Adrian there were things uncovered, that once brought out into the open needed dealing with. Adrian handed me the tools for doing so. Having never encountered this type of process before I was amazed at the results and have continued to use the mental kit as and when necessary. Thanks to Adrian I can now spot it coming a mile off and put measures in place to prevent a return to a rather grim place.” Susie Brown, gardener.